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Your Realtor may NOT be representing YOU!


Under Chapter 475.01(1), F.S. unless declared, all real estate agents are acting as Transaction agents. This limits their liability "CYA" as they represent the transaction (their commission) not the buyer. They have no fiduciary responsibility to either party and must treat both sides equally and fairly.


An agent who declares themselves as a Buyer's agent puts everyone on notice that their sole fiduciary responsibility is to the buyer. We are held to a higher standard than a Transaction agent.


You may NOT be getting these from your Transaction agent:

  • Honest and fair dealing
  • Loyalty
  • Confidentiality
  • Obedience
  • Full disclosure
  • Accounting for all funds
  • Skill, care & diligence in the transaction


I have been a Buyer's Agent for 22 years in Cape Coral and have represented hundreds of transactions. Most nationally recognized authorities in real estate recommend using a Buyer's agent when purchasing property. Real estate is typically one of the largest investments you will ever make, why not be represented by an agent whose sole responsibility is to look out for your best interest? Working with a Buyer's agent does not cost you anything and I never charge a brokerage or transaction fee. (Isn't our Commission enough?)


RICHARD HE-WINS always makes sure YOU WIN!

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